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Today’s talent are looking for more than just a salary from their careers, they want to know what a company can  offer them beyond financial incentives. That’s where your employer brand comes into play.

Your employer brand is how people perceive you as an employer – your values, your culture, what you do and why you do it. It’s a key component of a modern hiring strategy and it’s the best way to differentiate yourself from competitors in this candidate-driven market.

In a recent Jobbio survey of HR managers, 79pc said investment in employer branding drastically reduces hiring costs, while 75pc said that the quality of candidates has improved since investing in their employer brand. It’s not just a tool for attracting the most suitable people to your roles, it also works to deter any unsuitable candidates.

At Jobbio, we work with some of the best brands in the world to determine their EVP and create the right content to promote it.

Here are just some of the companies we’ve worked with lately.


Airbnb is a lively, fun and exciting place to work. They’re passionate about their company culture and this is evident in their colourful employer branding videos. These videos give a real sense of their team ethos and do a great job of introducing potential candidates to the working environment. Check out one of our favourites below.



Hertz has an amazing consumer brand, they’re recognised the world over and have a diverse and expansive customer base. But what about their employer brand? We know why we should use their service but why should we apply to their roles? Here’s what the team had to say.


Dun and Bradstreet

Who better than the team at Dun and Bradstreet to explain why it’s a great place to work? From amazing perks to a diverse and inclusive culture, this tech company has a lot to offer potential candidates. We love this ‘Life at’ video for its personality, authenticity and shot of someone working while on a treadmill.



EllisDon is a construction services company with a team of over 2,500 people working on projects totalling $3.5 billion annually. The culture at EllisDon is progressive with the happiness and development of employees being a key focus. Here are just a few of those employees explaining what it’s like to work at this thriving company, in a way that’s both personable and informative.

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DoctorLink is a company making healthcare more accessible through advanced technology. Their unique tech helps patients get better medical advice, faster. There are currently 110 people working at DoctorLink, including a tech team of 45. And they’re not done yet! They’re looking to continue their expansion over the next year. To help them find the right technical talent, we created immersive videos showcasing their unique team and office.


Mr Price

Career progression, a family vibe and the occasional unexpected otter (yes, really) are just some of the unique selling points Mr Price offers employees. The team brought their employer brand to life with a series of video and blog content illustrating why it’s such a great place to develop your career in retail.


One of the ‘Big 4’ Deloitte certainly doesn’t need help getting their brand out there. That said, there are elements of Deloitte’s brand that the team wanted to highlight; dedication to innovation, cutting edge technology and a beautiful Dublin office to name but a few.

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In this employee-led video, the team at Xilinx describe the wellness benefits, career progression and favoured style of working at the company. It offers great insight into the company culture and an immersive tour of the slick office space. What more could a prospective candidate want?



Traditional hierarchical structures have no place at Smarkets where team members are given autonomy, freedom and responsibility from the offset. We spoke to employees working in engineering, content, data science and recruitment about what it takes to flourish in this rapidly expanding company. Stay tuned for a masterclass in corporate culture and looking graceful on an inflatable unicorn.



Communicorp Media is Ireland’s premier media company encompassing some of Ireland’s most loved media brands including Newstalk and Today FM. Employees are guided by a set of core values ‘Be Sound, Be Fearless, Be United and Be Accountable’. The creativity and team ethos is evident in this ‘Life at’ video. Watch it below.

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