How volunteering can land you the job

By July 19, 2019For Talent

Everyone knows volunteering is a great way to contribute to society, help a worthy cause and reap some wonderful karmic rewards but did you know it can help you on the job hunt?

Here’s 5 ways volunteering improves your employability.

It increases your skill set

A not-for-profit is a great place to learn new, practical skills. You are dealing with a variety of people and situations that you normally wouldn’t which can only serve to make you a better communicator.  Strong communication skills are core to your professional development and leave you better placed to deal wit colleagues, employers and clients. Volunteering also improves your time management skills as you balance your volunteer hours with work, studies, dancing, etc.

It builds networks

Volunteering is a great way to make connections with new and interesting people. Developing new working relationships is a wonderful asset which can lead to endorsements from fellow volunteers and better your interpersonal skills.

It shows responsibility 

Potential employers will love to see a candidate who dedicates their time and energy to a worthy cause. It shows you are responsible, dedicated and able to work well within a team. Don’t underestimate those karmic kudos! Hiring managers are looking for passion and potential as well as just experience and education.

It improves your confidence

Searching for a job can be a disheartening process, particularly if a number of interviews haven’t gone your way. Volunteering keeps you in touch with the work environment so that when the right job does come along, you’re ready! (And you haven’t forgotten how to be social and charming.)

It shows you’re proactive

Volunteering shows you are capable of creating your own opportunities which is an extremely attractive quality in a potential employee. Companies want employees who are independent and self-motivated, show them that’s you.

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