How to Make Your Job Posting Stand Out

By August 9, 2019For Companies

Talent can spend hours reading different job postings online. They’re not only looking for a decent wage, they are looking for a company culture that aligns with their beliefs.

If you want your job to get noticed then you need to up your game. If you only put up the bare minimum then you can expect mediocre talent it’s as simple as that.

Here’s what you can do to make your job posting stand out.

Add a salary band

A salary can be a great motivator when applying for jobs. In fact, our research has found that a job with a salary band gets on average two more applicants than a job with a salary marked as not disclosed.

Our data has also shown that a job with a salary included will end up with twice as many applicants being shortlisted.

Why? Well, we believe that including a salary helps our talent to self-filter by relevant experience level meaning that you only get the most suitable applicants. It really is a no-brainer.

Include questions

Speaking of self-filtering, adding questions to your job post really helps candidates to figure out if they’re suitable for the role or not. You don’t need to overcomplicate it, even just asking for salary expectation can help you quickly process applications.

Keep it simple

The role you are trying to fill might be very complex but you should try to make your job spec as easy to read as possible. After all, candidates have probably read a lot of postings by now.

Avoid using large blocks of text and stay away from company jargon and terminology. Even an experienced candidate can be put off by this. Break up your text into different sections and use bullet point to list our responsibilities.

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Put your employer brand on show

Remember you’re not selling your product, you’re selling your company as a place to work so you can leave the sales pitch at the door.

Ask yourself, what is great about working here? Do you have any perks? Maybe you allow flexible working hours or unlimited holiday days? Why should a candidate apply to your company instead of the one next door?

Shout about your workplace benefits. It’s a great way to incentivise talent to apply.

Get visual

Don’t just fill your job posting with text. Add in things like team pics, office photos, and relevant videos. Try to give them a sense of what it would be like to work in your company.

Champion your current employees with things like employee testimonials. Candidates want to know who they’re working with so be sure to put your team front and centre. they’re the best advocates for your employer brand.

Add your social channels

This might seem a bit obvious but adding links to your social is a simple way to educate prospective employees on your company. They’ll not only learn about your product and team but they’ll get to see how you interact with your followers and get a sense of your values and mission. Win-win!

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