How to create a sense of culture and community while working from home

By April 1, 2020For Companies

Companies are rallying around their employees as their entire workforces are now working remotely. Building company culture is more important than ever.

With everyone under lockdown, companies are trying to keep their office culture intact and spirits high during this uncertain time. So, what can you do to continue to grow a positive culture with your team now working remotely? Below are a few tips for you to start implementing in your company to ensure that virtual office culture is alive.

Make the most of your messaging platforms

An office develops a culture through a collaborative environment and through shared experiences. Now people are working from home it’s so important to continue this by using tools like Slack so employees can stay connected. Random work discussions happen all the time in the office and a lot of employees are probably missing these small but important interactions.

Create a #WFH slack group where employees can chat, share good news articles, songs they’re listening to, recipes they have been cooking – the list goes on! Who doesn’t love expressing themselves solely through emojis and gifs anyway.

building company culture

Creating a community through video communication platforms

Everyone is using video communications platforms to maintain day-to-day work and productivity. It’s also key to maintaining and building your culture. Social events don’t have to stop just because no one is in the office.  Companies have been scheduling fun work-from-home events, such as, virtual coffee mornings, happy hour Friday drinks and ‘bring your pets to zoom’ day.

Consider hosting a company mixer event so employees can connect with those who they wouldn’t chat to on a regular basis, maybe they’re new to the office or work in a different department? These virtual social gatherings are the perfect time for people to catch up, maintain communication and have a little fun. It’s also the perfect excuse to use zoom virtual backgrounds!

building company culture

Don’t forget to have fun!

This is an overwhelming time for everyone so its important people catch their breath and have a little fun when they can. During the last few weeks, many plans have been interrupted but this hasn’t stopped people’s creativity in keeping their organisations culture and community alive. Here are some more examples of how you and your team can have fun and stay connected while working from home.

  • #WFH challenges: Create #WFH challenges like ‘What’s getting you through quarantine?’. Employees post a picture and tip of what’s helping them through quarantine to Slack and nominate someone else to carry it on. This is a nice way for employees to learn more about each other. Tips could range from baking to Netflix recommendations to quiz nights with friends.
  • Virtual exercise classes: Did your company previously offer exercise classes? Organise weekly virtual classes so your people stay fit and healthy. 
  • Shared Spotify channel: This is a great way for employees to feel like they’re back in the office. Create an office playlist and have everyone add in their favourite songs.
  • End of day check catch ins – bring your kids, your dog or your wine! Pets and kids are the newest additions to the workplace – and many employers are embracing them. 
  • Virtual pub quiz: Who doesn’t love a pub quiz? It’s the perfect way for employees to get to know each other’s interests. 

As we continue to work from home, building company culture is critical for employee engagement and productivity. By implementing some of the above tips to your company, you’re already on the right track to keeping your culture alive.


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