5 tips and tricks on how to nail dressing for a job interview

By April 6, 2020For Talent

Dressing for a job interview isn’t always easy! 

Firstly, congratulations to you! 

You’ve applied for a job, submitted your best CV and cover letter, and now you’ve reached the interview stage. Good on you. 

The next stage for you is a face to face (or for now, probably a video chat) interview with the hiring manager for the role. Job interviews can be fairly daunting, from research to preparing answers, a lot of work goes into it. And then there’s the issue of what to wear to a job interview. 

It’s probably one of the most stressful elements of preparing, which it really shouldn’t be. Dressing for a job interview doesn’t have to be complicated, and we decided to come up with a few tips on how to really nail it! 

dressing for a job interview

Keep the role in mind

Without a doubt, you should always show up to a job interview looking polished and professional. However, the type of role you’re interviewing for might help you decide an outfit. If you’re seeking a corporate role, then dress the part in a suit or more corporate attire. However, if you’re going for a more informal role, take that into account, and dress more business casual. 

Keep the makeup to a minimum

One thing I always say to myself when getting ready for a job interview is “half your normal amount of makeup”. Not because there would be an issue, but I really believe the more natural appear, the better. Let the interviewer get to know you, not your incredibly impressive smokey eye. 

Comfort will be key

No, I’m not saying wear sweats or leggings to a job interview, but you need to ensure you’re comfortable. There’s nothing worse than being in a somewhat stressful situation, and realising that your shoes are pinching or your trousers are too tight. Try your outfit on in full, and walk around in it to make sure you’re 100% happy and content in it. 

dressing for a job interview

Show of a bit of personality

If you can, try to show off a bit of your own personality in your choice of outfit. If that means adding an accessory to an otherwise simple business look, or a pop of colour to an all-black ensemble, go for it. 

Clothing quality

Before your interview, make sure to give every item you plan on wearing a bit of a once over. Keep an eye out for stains, rips or any sign of wear and tear. These may be an issue, as they don’t exactly scream ‘professional’. Keep it clean and tidy at all costs, and be sure to give everything a once over with an iron.

Other then that, just be yourself! Good luck!

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