What exactly should you bring to a job interview?

By April 7, 2020For Talent

Have you ever wondered what exactly should you bring to a job interview?

Firstly, congrats to you! You’ve submitted you CV and cover letter, and now you’ve been called for a job interview (you probably had a little phone interview also, which you nailed!)

Next step? Heading for a job interview (or nowadays, heading to Zoom or Skype for a job interview, but sure look). In the coming months, many of you will be heading to job interviews, and we want to help you be as prepared as possible.

So today, we’re going to chat about what you should be bringing with you to a job interview…

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Copies of your CV

Always (and I mean always) rock up to a job interview with a few copies of your CV to hand, in a little folder. You most likely already submitted your CV when you applied for the job, but don’t assume the interviewer will have a copy of it on hand, hiring managers are busy people.

Your cover letter

Much like your CV, make sure you have a few copies of you cover letter on hand. Why bring a few? You never know how many employees you’re going to be meeting with, it’s rare you only meet with the hiring manager.

A list of references

If the interview goes well (which it prob ably will, because you’re only brilliant) the hiring manager might ask you for references on the spot, so you should have a list prepared with their contact information. Naturally, you could just email them after the interview, but having them to hand may speed up the process, and impress the hiring manager even more. 

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A portfolio 

If you’re interviewing for a role, be sure to bring along samples of your previous work, if at all relevant. You might find yourself speaking about a project you worked on, so it would be great to have it to hand as a visual aid. Plus, your work will speak for itself in terms of your abilities. 

A pen and paper 

Taking a few notes during your interview can be beneficial for a number reasons. For one, it shows you’re actively listening to the interviewer and engaged in the conversation, while also ensuring you won’t forget important details about the job. 


Throughout the interview process, the interviewer will more than likely ask you if you have any questions – make sure you do. Before the big day, do your research, and have questions about the role and the company prepared. We have some great examples here, if you need inspiration. 

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This one seems strange, but you just never know. If you’re entering the building of a larger organisation, you might well be asked to produce some form of identification. Don’t get caught out! 

Best of luck! 

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