Starting a new job remotely? Here’s what you need to know

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Are you starting a new job remotely? 

The last number of months have changed the way in which we all work, live and socialise. The global outbreak of COVID-19 saw millions of people all over the world leave their office, to work from home for the first time. It hasn’t been easy, but we’ve all gotten semi used to it by now, right? 

The working world has changed, and we’ve moved with those changes. So many of you have also been interviewing for jobs remotely, and may even be due to start your new role, from the comfort of your own home. A daunting experience, no doubt, but one that will be exciting. 

If you are starting a new job remotely, there a few things you should be mindful of…

starting a new job remotely


We know that the idea of commuting from your bedroom to your desk is a bit strange, and at the beginning it will feel like a novelty. However, be sure you set yourself a proper routine for your day. Set your alarm early, get dressed into clothes (that aren’t sweat pants, ideally), have your breakfast and be ready to start your day. Make sure you stick to this routine, it will keep you sane and productive. 


Be aware that your onboarding experience will be very different to normal circumstances. Be patient and go with the flow. You may have your tech devices delivered to your home, or you may go into the office to meet your manager and collect what you need (while maintaining social distancing, of course). You will likely meet your team virtually, which will feel strange at first, but just be yourself. 

starting a new job remotely

Learn how to communicate

We would have been lost over the last few months if it wasn’t for all of the incredible collaborative tools we have access to. Thanks to Slack, Zoom, Google Hangouts and Microsoft teams, we have been able to effectively communicate with our colleagues throughout the day. It will be so important that you identify the communication tools that your new place of work uses. 

Get to know everyone

So the main thing you’ll miss from a normal “new job” experience is actually meeting the people you work with. There’s no bumping into someone while making a coffee, or heading for lunch with your team. You will have to make a big effort to get to know all your new work pals. Think about scheduling virtual coffees with people on your team, it will be a nice way to get to know everyone in a less formal manner. 

starting a new job remotely

Be visible

When you’re working remotely, you might have to be more intentional about seeking feedback from your manager. In a normal office setting, you can easily approach your boss and ask how you’re getting on, and seek feedback. However, remotely, you’ll need to make yourself more visible. Think about arranging a phone call or video catch up every few weeks, to make sure everything is going okay. 

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