7 things that inevitably happen when you are working from home

By March 16, 2020For Talent

Are you currently working from home?

During this outbreak of COVID-19, thousands of people are working remotely, to help stop the spread of infection. And for the first few days, you may feel fantastic, but I promise you, the novelty wears off after a while. Studies have found that working from home can actually make people concentrate better, and be more productive in general. However, it can be tricky to get into the swing of things. Boredom and cabin fever sets in, and you may find that your concentration levels drop significantly. 

Working from home can come with ups and downs, and here are some of the inevitable things that will happen to you over the coming weeks! 

working from home

You stay in your pyjamas.

You had the best intentions, we know you did! You left out your clothes last night, fully intending on changing out of your pyjamas before starting work this morning. Did you bother? Of course not, because your pyjamas are comfortable and cosy, and you jeans and shirt are not. 

You eat every piece of food in the house.

You will probably find yourself rooting in every cupboard in the kitchen, seeking inspiration with regards to food. You’ll snack throughout the day, on stuff you would never usually eat. It is what it is. 

You probably won’t take your lunch, though.

However, when it comes to pulling yourself off the computer at 1pm for an hour, you probably won’t do it. It may slip your mind, or you may just not be hungry because of all that snacking.

You’ll overcompensate.

When I work from home, I almost feel like I have something to prove, which results in me overcompensating in a big way. This results in forgetting to take breaks, and actually working overtime. 

working from home

Fresh air? Never heard of it. 

You probably told yourself that during this period of working from home, you were going to go on three walks a day to get fresh air. As of now, you have probably come up with at least 17 excuses, and watched Netflix instead. 

Your home will be spotless.

To be fair, one of the best outcomes of working from home is how much housework you’ll actually get done. All those tasks you’ve been putting off (like hoovering the cobwebs and washing the curtains) will now be high priority. 

You’ll miss EVERYONE. 

You have probably never truly appreciated your colleagues quite like you do now, right? Those chats over 11am coffee, lunch time fun – and everything else that makes your working day better. 

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