All The Things You Shouldn’t Say in an Exit Interview

By October 19, 2020For Talent

Honestly is always the best policy but when it comes to your exit interview sometimes it is better to just hold your tongue.

Here are just a few of the things that you definitely shouldn’t say if you want to leave your current role with your reputation intact.

”No comment.”

You’re here for an exit interview which means that you actually need to take part. Now is not the time to be unresponsive or sulk. If you are evasive it will seem like you are hiding something or not co-operating with the process. Do your best to answer every question thrown at you even if you don’t have much to say.

”I don’t think ____ is happy here either.”

Woah there, you do not have the right to speak on behalf of other employees. Your exit interview should be about you and you alone. Never betray your colleagues’ trust by revealing things they may have said to you in confidence. Keep it personal and leave other people out of it.

”I never want to work here again.”

Don’t shoot yourself in the foot. You might be delighted to leave the company right now but that doesn’t mean that you will never work with them in the future, perhaps in a different department or higher position.

You also have to take responsibility for your own career. If you hated it so much while you were there why didn’t you just leave?

”My new company is so much better.” 

It’s great to be enthusiastic about your new job but you don’t need to flaunt it in front of your current employer. You can be happy about your new opportunities without degrading where you work now. There’s no need to be a dick about it.

”Good luck trying to find my replacement.”

You might feel like you’re the glue that holds the company together but now is not the right time to say so. It will only make you sound obnoxious. Never imply that the company is going to go under without you.

”I’m just bored here.”

 Big mistake! If you’re bored in your career that is your fault, not your employers. No matter what your role is, you should always be able to find a new project to work on. Instead, say that you want to grow more as a professional. It’s a much nicer way to say it’s time to move on.

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