Virtual Christmas party ideas that don’t involve quizzes

By November 24, 2020For Companies

We’re actually loving these virtual Christmas party ideas…

2020, eh? It’s been a very strange and difficult year for pretty much everyone. Like almost everything this year, the way in which we will celebrate Christmas will be different – particularly when it comes to work parties. The vast majority of us are working remotely, and will continue to do so for some time (sure, we’re actually all used to it by now right?)

Anyway if you have been tasked with arranging some sort of Christmas party in work, or you’re just looking for inspiration, then you have come to the right place. We’ve devised a list of some ideas that will keep everyone happy and healthy.

Oh and most importantly, none of them involve a Zoom quiz…

Team Dinner

Ah the true meaning of Christmas, we all know it’s delicious food, right? A simple yet lovely way to get the team together would be incorporating a meal in some way. The easiest thing would probably be to gift employees vouchers for Deliveroo or JustEat, and let them order away. Alternatively, there are plenty of restaurants that are doing boxes of food to make at home, so this could also be a nice way to get the team together? Either way, ultimately everyone can sit down and enjoy a meal together over Zoom or Hangouts. 

Cocktail Making 

So usually, Christmas parties involve booze in some capacity, so why should this year be an exception? The idea of doing a cocktail making class over video is actually a great idea! It’s interactive, but also straightforward enough – and not overly time consuming. You could get kits sent out to your team, or send vouchers for them to go out and purchase the ingredients.

virtual christmas party ideas

Christmas Bingo

Bingo is a fun game for any sort of Christmas party (virtual or in person) because it encourages interaction and competitive cheer. You can play this game on virtual meeting any time, or as your main virtual holiday party entertainment too. You can make your own Bingo board, or simply google a template and send it to everyone on the team. 

Bake Off

Similar to the cocktail making idea, but with less booze and more sugar. Pick a festive bake, like a Yule Log or a Gingerbread House, and run a little office competition over Zoom. Everyone will bake together, and ultimately display their creations. 

Secret Santa

Nothing says Christmas party more than engaging in a fun secret gift exchange, and just because it can’t be in person doesn’t mean it can’t happen. All you have to do is pop everyone’s details into a name into a gift exchange generator, then send presents, and wait to open gifts together over Zoom at an online party.

Movie Night

This might be one of our favourite virtual Christmas party ideas! If you wanted to keep things extremely simple, you could arrange a festive movie night. What would this involve? Sending a cute hamper of treats to everyone on the team (popcorn, hot chocolate, maybe even a Christmas blanket). Then simply get everyone to tune into the same movie at a designated time. It’s not super interactive, but sometimes you’ll find that people just want to relax and watch Elf. 

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