#StressAwarenessMonth: 5 food items that can genuinely reduce your stress levels

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April is #StressAwarenessMonth

If you’re feeling stressed, it’s only natural to seek relief. 

The occasional bout of stress is pretty normal (especially when you’re living through a Global Pandemic), however, long term stress can be pretty dangerous to your physical and mental health. 

Did you know that certain foods may have stress-relieving qualities? Yep, including certain delightful items in your diet may help you through periods of stress. 

Check them out… 



Blueberries are high in flavonoid antioxidants that have powerful anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective effects. They may help reduce stress-related inflammation and protect against stress-related cellular damage. Studies have shown that eating flavonoid-rich foods like blueberries may safeguard against depression and boost your mood. 


Whole eggs are packed with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants needed for a healthy stress response. Whole eggs are particularly rich in choline, a nutrient found in large amounts in only a few foods. Choline has been shown to play an important role in brain health and may protect against stress. 



Fish, in particular fatty fish, are a great option because they’re heart-healthy, and their omega-3s may help ease depression because the nutrients easily interact with mood-related brain molecules. 


Strawberries contain more than 100 percent of our daily recommended intake of vitamin C in just one cup. Recent studies show that when vitamin C is consumed during times of stress, it actually has the ability to decrease our blood pressure to a normal level, preventing the development of hypertension. 


Cruciferous (big word alert) vegetables like broccoli are renowned for their health benefits. A diet rich in these kinds of vegetables may lower your risk of certain cancers, heart disease, and mental health disorders like depression. Broccoli is also rich in sulforaphane, a sulfur compound that has neuroprotective properties and may offer calming and antidepressant effects. 

Chocolate (yes, really)

Dark chocolate in the diet can reduce stress in two ways: through its chemical impact and its emotional impact. Chocolate feels like such an indulgence that it can be a real treat to simply savour a piece of it, and that feeling alone can help to reduce stress. Dark chocolate, which is rich in antioxidants, may also help reduce stress by lowering levels of stress hormones in the body. 


Remember: if you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed, don’t ignore it. Look after yourselves. 

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