5 reasons why you should go for a walk today

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Yep, another walk! 

Hear us out – we know that you’ve probably spent the last 12 months walking the length and breadth of the country (or at least your 5km radius anyway), but we’re here to tell you how great that is. 

It’s relatively easy, it’s free and it’s good for you. Don’t believe us? Check out some reasons as to why walking is worth every step…


Break from the screen

We all spend a lot of time in front of screens – whether it’s your phone, laptop or TV. And let me tell you, our eyes need a break. Excessive screen time not only strains your eyes and leaves them feeling dry, but can also lead to retina damage and blurred vision. So yeah, a daily walk will do you the world of good. 

Vitamin D

Vitamin D plays a significant role in the regulation of calcium and maintenance of phosphorus levels in the blood. These factors are vital for maintaining healthy bones. And while we realise the sun isn’t exactly shining – you can still get a dose of Vitamin D through the clouds! (we promise).



Walking is also one of the best exercises for staying fit and healthy— it’s relatively easy to do, easy on the joints, it’s free and you have to do it every day anyway.  Plus at the moment, it’s pretty much the only way to socialise, so it really is a win/win. 

Reduces Stress

If you’ve ever gone out for a walk after a stressful situation and come back more calm and collected, you know firsthand how walking is a positive way to cope with stressful events. And these days it seems there are plenty of those. Studies confirm that walking benefits your mood, by releasing your body’s natural happy drugs — endorphins. 


Fresh Air 

There’s nothing better than a bit of fresh air! It can help you to focus and boost your energy levels, while also reducing your blood pressure (meaning it will ease any stress you might be feeling). Thank God for mother nature, eh?

Grab your coat and go for a walk – you won’t regret it! 

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