Plans for the Bank Holiday? Here are 6 lovely thing to do this Easter weekend

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Are you looking for things to do this Bank Holiday?

Ladies and gents, we’re about to head into yet ANOTHER Bank Holiday in lockdown. Due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, we have been told to stay in our homes, and only leave for necessities and exercise. 

So sadly, there will be no beer gardens, trips abroad or anything like that. But sure, these things happen, and we’re going to make the most of a nice, quiet weekend at home. 

If you’re looking for a few ideas on what you can do over the next few days, here’s what we’re planning…


By now, you have probably seen about a thousand people on social media baking banana bread, cookies and other lovely things. Why not join them? If you’re looking for some inspiration, here’s a link to a brilliant banana bread recipe – be warned, you’ll probably eat the whole loaf. 

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Do some yoga

Mindfulness is something we should probably all be practicing, given the current global situation. Doing a bit of yoga is a great way to quieten the mind and de-stress yourself. At the moment, there are a number of brilliant free online yoga classes, if you fancy it, take a look

Go for (ANOTHER) walk

Listen, we’ll be spending pretty much the entire long weekend indoors. However, at some stage, fresh air will be key, especially if we get the weather we’re expecting. So make sure you get out and about for a nice stretch of the legs.

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Binge watch Netflix

Listen, there’s no shame in drawing the curtains, dimming the lights and spending a few hours with your arse on the couch watching some movies. In fact, that sounds like heaven to be honest…

Catch up on sleep

Despite the fact that we’re all doing far less than normal, you may actually find that you’re exhausted. And you’re not alone! If you feel like catching up on some well earned sleep this weekend, then do! Have a lie-in, take a nap, and go to bed early. Sure, why not?

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If all else fails… wine

If you don’t fancy yoga or going out for a walk, that’s fine. Might I suggest you nip down to the Off-licence and grab a lovely bottle of wine? Or 4. You’ve earned it!

Have a great weekend, and be safe. 

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