Tiara Syndrome, career security and the new Latin American tech hub

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This week, on Tech.eu, we look at future-proofing your career and how reskilling could be key to job security. On the Australia-based Professional Beauty, we are exploring the concept of Tiara Syndrome and why women are more likely to fall victim. Elsewhere, we’re travelling to the capital city of Chile and discovering why tech workers are drawn to Santiago. 

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How to switch jobs and create a future-proofed career

With a recession looming and the cost of living rising, who wouldn’t want to future-proof their career? This week on Tech EU, Jobbio’s Senior Content Manager, Kirstie McDermott is exploring some of the avenues that will help you do just that. 

“Certain careers and jobs are considered to be more “recession proof” than others, including those in the fields of AI, cloud computing and cybersecurity. Additionally, re-skilling and making a pivot into a new field can be a safe way to secure your career in the future,” she writes. 

Joann Egunjobi, a data engineer at Currency Cloud, also shares some insights about how she managed to switch from marketing into tech. Egunjobi lost her job during the pandemic, and though she was always interested in tech, previously felt that a career in the industry was reserved for those with a computer science or technical background.

“I am a graduate from bootcamp – it’s not a traditional tech route, and I did data science,” she says. Egunjobi did the free Generation bootcamp, but there are plenty of others to avail of, including Code First Girls, freeCodeCamp and W3 Schools.

“There are other routes too, you can learn and be self-taught,” she notes. “Or you can switch within your company if the flexibility is there.”

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A guide to working in the Santiago, Chile tech scene

Did you know the tech scene in Chile has experienced unprecedented growth in recent years? This week on Information Age, Jobbio contributor Pippa Hardy explores the reasons and the opportunities this growth affords ambitious tech workers.

“The entire world is experiencing a fintech boom, but Latin America, in particular, is reaping the benefits. The Chilean fintech ecosystem is made up of approximately 179 startups — 60 per cent more than in 2019 — representing an annual growth rate of 38 per cent.”

From nightlife to open opportunities, Hardy explores a taste of what this Latin American country has to offer. And while Santiago may still be flying under the radar for international tech workers, the writing is on the wall: “Santiago has the third highest availability of digital talent in Latin America, outperformed only by São Paulo and Mexico City.”

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Is Tiara Syndrome crushing your beauty career?

Tiara Syndrome is the term coined to describe those who work hard, strive to do their best, and meet targets without fail, yet their diligence isn’t rewarded with the recognition they feel they deserve. 

Tiara Syndrome could be stunting your career growth, writes Jobbio content editor Aoibhinn Mc Bride on Professional Beauty this week. 

“Nobody is going to pat you on your tiara-clad head if you don’t take assertive action,” she writes, before outlining some practical solutions to overcome something that is closely aligned to imposter syndrome, which 45% of Australian workers have experienced, according to Asana’s recent Anatomy of Work Global Index report.  

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