The Amply Edit: Culture fits, salary scales, and your “worth it” equation

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Our expert content team publishes thought-leading content across the network in support, and this week we’re looking at what to do when you’d rather eat bees than hang out with your colleagues. Hint: get a new job – eating insects is never the answer. We also look at tech salary scales (it’s a great time to be in the industry!) and how to figure out your “worth it” equation when it comes to assessing whether you should stick or go in your current role.

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Salary scales indicate it’s a great time to be in tech

On our new partner Finextra, Amply contributor Barry McCall writes that demand for skilled IT professionals continues to rise with no sign of a let up. Specialist roles like scrum master, DevOps engineers, and network cloud architects are no longer the sole preserve of the software industry as organisations across the world accelerate their digitalisation programmes in response to the changed market landscape and altered working patterns ushered in by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Rather Eat Bees Than Hang Out With Your Colleagues? Six Signs It’s Time To Move On

While “culture” might seem like a buzzword, like “pivot” or “new normal” or the hilarious, “low-hanging fruit”, it’s actually no laughing matter – it’s crucial to creating an environment where employees actually want to turn up every day, writes Amply contributor Susan Armstrong on our publishing partner, Silicon Canals.

However, the truth of the matter is, while no company will dare admit they have a culture problem – certainly not least in a job ad – there are countless companies that do. The only problem is, most of the time you won’t know about it until you’re knee-deep in the toxicity and realise that the cracks in the company culture run far too deep and wide for you to stay.

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What’s Your ‘Worth It’ Equation When It Comes To Work?

Depending on how super-organised we are (or how much we really, really love Excel), we’ve all got a list somewhere, either in our heads or in an aforementioned spreadsheet, of the things we want and need when it comes to work, writes Amply’s Senior Content Manager, Kirstie McDermott, on our partner CityAM.

But we wouldn’t be surprised if those “what’s worth it to me” priorities had shifted a little – or a whole lot – since the pandemic. Recent research from Microsoft found that 47% of respondents said they are now more likely to put family and personal life over work than before the pandemic.

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