The Amply Edit: Soonicorns, Remote-First Working, and Real Employee Perks

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Our team has a keen eye for what’s trending, and this week we’re taking a look at how companies can support their employees with benefits that are genuinely meaningful (bonuses over pawternity leave, thanks), as well as a look at how Fintechs are embracing remote-first and hybrid working as a real boon to their businesses. We’ve also done a dive into the world of “soonicorns” – this booming startup sector is an attractive prospect for the job hunter. Check all of those out below.

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Reading blog contentKeep your rock walls and quirky perks: Employees want actual benefits

Amply contributor Pippa Hardy is separating the wheat from the chaff when it comes to actual tangible employee benefits on our partner The Next Web this week. We’ve all heard about the perks at certain tech companies: from beer taps to Botox, and pawternity leave to free acupuncture, companies have spent a lot of time (and money) creating impressive benefits packages to attract top talent — plus a few headlines too.

But since Covid-19, we’ve started to see a shift. Staff members are no longer looking for onsite laundry facilities or weekly massages. And as remote working takes over the tech world, it’s getting harder for companies to placate their staff with, let’s face it, what can often be shallow perks. So what do we want now?

Discover real benefits:

Why fast growing fintechs are going ‘remote first’

There was a time when you hadn’t the remotest chance of getting a great job and working from home, writes Amply contributor Sandra O’Connell on our partner Tech EU.. 

Now some of the best career opportunities around are offered on the understanding that many of us do our best work outside of the office. For employers, it widens the talent pool. For employees, it means geography is no barrier to their next great career move.

It’s here to stay:

Soonicorns hiring tech roles that could be just what you’re looking for

You’ve heard of unicorns, a term coined in 2013 by venture capitalist, Aileen Lee. At the time, there were just 39 private companies around the world that possessed a certain “magical quality” and were valued at over $1 billion. By February 2022 — a mere nine years later — the number broke 1,000. Now, there’s a newer categorisation, writes Amply contributor Susan Armstrong on our partner VentureBeat

The “soonicorn”, or the “soon-to-be-unicorn” is on the rise and there are currently 253 soonicorns in Europe alone. So why work at one? Interesting career opportunities aside, there’s an extraordinary amount of investment money looking for a home, she discovers. 

Seeing is believing:

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