The Amply Edit: Tech talent crunch, top EU job locations and flexible working

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In the meantime, here’s a little look at some of the content our team produced for our network this week. In a look at talent shortages in the tech sector, we delve into how that may impact in the coming decade. Topical for so many of us right now is flexible working – we uncover real strategies to smooth the process. We explore the three top hiring destinations in Europe for tech workers, and why you might consider moving there. Check all of those out below.

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Tackling the tech talent crunch

Tech talent shortages are nothing new, writes Amply contributor Barry McCall on our partner Finextra

The global tech industry has been lamenting a lack of talent for a long time and the imbalance between supply and demand has led to IT professionals enjoying quite stellar salary packages. But the talent squeeze has been tightening in recent years and is set to get much worse in the coming decade if industry forecasts are to be believed.

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How to make flexible working work for you

In what felt like a giant social experiment, the pandemic has forced flexible working upon many industries, but the merits of this new way of working have proven the key to success for both companies and employees alike, writes Amply’s Publishing Director Rosaleen McMeel, on our partner Canadian Investor.

While it hasn’t been all plain sailing, many businesses are making serious strides. The Microsoft 2022 Work Trend Index Annual Report offers practical suggestions to make flexible work more sustainable, with simple adjustments to meetings and email etiquette making a big difference.

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Sweden, the Netherlands, and Belgium are the best places to job hunt in 2022

Have a European passport, will travel: one of the most powerful aspects of this document is the mobility it offers you and the ability to work throughout the bloc. From Ireland to Greece, across central Europe to Latvia, Sweden, and down to Spain and Portugal, Europe is your oyster. 

On our partner Tech EU, Amply’s Senior Content Manager Kirstie McDermott discovers that this year, hiring patterns indicate that Sweden, the Netherlands, and Belgium are the best places to look for a tech role.

Explore Europe:

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