Tech layoffs, pay transparency laws & neurodiversity at work

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Each week Jobbio’s content team creates content for our growing Amply network across a breadth of workplace topics and concerns. Layoffs in tech are on everyone’s mind and this week on Finextra we take a look at the issue, finding that there is still growth in the sector as well as lots of career choices.

On The Hill, as pay transparency laws come into effect in the US, we examine how they may shape the landscape of hiring and compensation. Neurodiversity and how workers are supported is the topic of choice on VentureBeat, where we take a look at how remote working is one way to support this cohort.

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If you have been laid off from a tech company – what happens now?

Jobbio’s senior content manager, Kirstie McDermott takes a look at the current climate in tech on Finextra this week. With layoffs dominating the news cycle, it is Elon Musk’s pillaging of Twitter that is grabbing headlines. 

Elsewhere, she says, other tech firms are also shedding employees. Through the spring and early summer, rumblings began with digital wallet platform Curve and crypto trading platform Bitpanda letting go of staff. 

But it is not all bad news. 2021 was the best year so far for UK tech in terms of investment, with the industry securing £29.4 billion in funding. Many firms are hiring too, with careers such as cloud computing, information security and cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and data science all showing future growth potential.

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What Do New Pay Transparency Laws Mean For You?

A new series of local and state laws will force companies to divulge what a job pays when posting an open position – a move that is expected to reshape workplaces and the way they hire, writes Jobbio contributor Susan Armstrong on The Hill.

The reason for these laws? The logic of making compensation transparent is that it becomes harder to pay people unfairly when salaries are open to public scrutiny. Done correctly, it could narrow the persistent gender pay gap, she says.

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Neurodiversity and remote working: How one simple fix helps people thrive

There are many reasons why neurodiversity is so misunderstood, especially in the workplace, and stigma remains despite many organisations championing neurodiversity as part of their diversity and inclusion (D&I) policies and company values, writes Jobbio content editor Aoibhinn Mc Bride on VentureBeat.

One of the biggest obstacles for neurodiverse employees is lack of education, something HR teams should address. They also need flexibility. Creating a culture of trust, openness and acceptance, remote or otherwise, that gives employees the agency to work to their own schedule within a framework of goals, targets or deadlines, while also being mindful of making them feel included, allows neurodiverse individuals to thrive, personally and professionally.

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