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All across our rapidly-expanding Amply Network, we work with publishers to bring vibrant workplace content to life. Below is a selection of some of the content we produced for three of our partners this week on the evolving world of work.

On The Next Web, sustainable mobility is driving career growth (sorry) thanks to extensive numbers of exciting sustainable startups and established companies. On Tech EU, we look at jobs growth too, focusing on cybersecurity, an area where there’s a big skills shortage – and as a result, a lot of opportunity. Over on GrowthBusiness, the Cardiff-Bristol tech hub is in focus, and we examine the growth and potential in this region of the UK.

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careers in mobility techHere are the top 5 sustainable mobility companies hiring in Europe right now

There’s no denying our climate is in crisis, writes Jobbio contributor Pippa Hardy on The Next Web. In the last year, we have seen soaring summer temperatures across Europe, raging forest fires in parts of North America, and terrifying floods in Australia and Pakistan.

To save our planet and our future, we need innovative ideas and new ways of thinking. Different business sectors have been scrambling to become more eco-conscious, but one area that is driving change is mobility and because the field of sustainability is so large, she says, employment opportunities are literally endless. So, whether you work in sales or software development, there are plenty of exciting opportunities in the sector.

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A guide to the Cardiff-Bristol tech hub

The technology sectors in both Cardiff and Bristol have been growing exponentially in the last few years, according to Jobbio contributor Filomena Kaguako, who is writing on GrowthBusiness this week.

For those looking to advance their career in the tech sector, there are a number of market leaders and major players in both cities. In 2021 alone, unicorns in Bristol attracted over £100m in venture capital funding and research for the government’s Digital Economy Council expect an increase in investment and job opportunities in the flourishing sector. 

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Why a job in cybersecurity is a smart move

On our partner Silicon Canals, Jobbio contributor Susan Armstrong is taking a look at cybersecurity careers. Every business in the world is now at risk of a cyber-attack, and it’s no longer a matter of if it will happen, but when. More than 80% of UK organisations experienced a successful cyber-attack in 2021/2022, costing the UK economy over £27 billion. 

With an undersupply of cyber professionals, this shortage numbered approximately one million five or six years ago. Currently, there are 4.1 million cybersecurity professionals in the world and it is estimated 3.5 million cybersecurity positions available globally by 2025. A broad field, with a variety of different career paths, there is a rich seam of career opportunity to mine within the sector.

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