AI for workplace wellness, best-paid tech jobs & embracing Fika at work

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is at the top of the news cycle with the success of ChatGPT, but there are many more applications for AI, including wellness at work, which we explore on Finextra this week. The seven tech jobs with the biggest pay checks is the focus on VentureBeat, and on Silicon Canals, we look at the Swedish concept of “Fika” (or coffee break to you) and examine how it can help to foster workplace relationships.

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Can AI deliver the future of wellness at work?

AIIn the UK, nearly 15% of the workforce has experienced some kind of mental health related issue, writes Jobbio content editor Aoibhinn Mc Bride on Finextra. One promising solution is Kintsugi, the mental healthcare app developed by Berkeley-based entrepreneurs and engineers Grace Chang and Rima Seiilova-Olson.

Kintsugi uses voice biomarker software to detect signs of clinical depression and anxiety in just 20 seconds of free-form speech. The company’s plans for 2023 include a full end-to-end component where its software will facilitate the triage, diagnosis and treatment plan needed.

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7 of the best-paid tech jobs in the U.S. this year

Those working in tech are understandably nervous about the current landscape, Jobbio’s senior content manager, Kirstie McDermott explains on VentureBeat. With tech layoffs an almost weekly feature at the moment, 66% of workers think it will be difficult to find a new job.

But new research indicates that there are still many jobs and career paths with strong footings. The 100 Best Jobs ranking showcases a number of high-paying tech roles, including software development, information security and data science. 

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This is why every company should adopt the Swedish concept of fika

Pronounced “fee-kuh” and directly translated as “coffee break”, there is a lot more to the cherished Swedish tradition of fika than meets the eye, says Jobbio contributor Rosemary Max Cabe on Silicon Canals.

It could in fact be the key to increasing your productivity at work and being happier about it than ever before. In Sweden, work-mandated fika often takes place twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Like a twice-daily all-hands meeting, but without the urgent topics or post-meeting analysis, it offers a great way to connect with colleagues.

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