Discover The Best Tips For Using ChatGPT To Get A New Job

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ChatGPTRight now, ChatGPT is the topic that won’t go away.’s game-changing chatbot has taken the world by storm, experiencing explosive growth since its November 2022 launch.

A language model trained on a massive dataset of human language, it can answer questions, provide information, and engage in conversation with users, all by generating natural language responses to a wide range of queries. 

Because it is so easy––and fun––to use, it has reached 100 million users two months after launch, which looks set to make it the fastest-growing consumer internet app ever, according to analysts. 

By comparison, it took TikTok roughly nine months post-launch to build the same user base, and two and a half years for Instagram to get to the same level.

Of course, things aren’t all positive: research has found that cybercriminals on underground hacking forums are using it maliciously to write malware, create data encryption tools, and write code to create new dark web marketplaces, for example.

Other criticisms levelled at the chatbot include worries focused on its superior generative AI abilities––will it make journalists’ jobs’ redundant? And what happens when we live in a world where iterative generations of content is AI-generated from datasets made up of previously-generated AI content?

That spikes real fears around what is real, or “fake news”. The chatbot, in fact, often gets things wrong. Its responses are based on patterns, not facts and data, which means human intervention is always required to fact check and ensure accuracy.

Those worries aside, the Jobbio team has been extensively testing the tool, and we’ve found that it has particular uses for job hunters, offering clever ways to speed up CV and cover letter creation. It can also help you identify keywords, and even provide some interview prep.

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