Press Gazette and Jobbio’s Amply Network Launch Exclusive Job Board

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Press Gazette join Jobbio’s Amply network, revolutionising the way job seekers and recruiters connect in the ever-evolving world of journalism and media.

This partnership will give rise to a brand-new job board that promises to be a game-changer, opening up exciting opportunities for both readers of Press Gazette and recruiters looking to tap into this unique and niche readership.

The Media Landscape is Changing

In an era marked by rapid technological advancements and shifting paradigms in journalism, the job market for media professionals is undergoing a transformation like never before. As the demand for specialised skills and expertise in media continues to grow, the need for a dedicated platform that caters to this dynamic sector becomes paramount.

Press Gazette editor-in-chief Dominic Ponsford: “Amply’s technology is tried and tested and used by leading publishers around the world. It fits in seamlessly on our site (which is on WordPress) and has delivered a step-change in the level of service we can offer both recruiters and job hunters. We’re confident it’s not just going to give us a commercial boost but also help fulfil our mission to support quality journalism in the digital age by connecting good companies with great people.”

The Power of Jobbio’s Amply Network

The Amply network has earned a reputation for its cutting-edge technology, offering a unique approach to talent acquisition. The network has successfully connected countless professionals with their dream careers by allowing employers to tap into specialised pools of talent.

“Our mission has always been to connect talent with opportunity in the most efficient and effective way possible. The partnership with Press Gazette is an exciting milestone in this journey,” noted Stephen Quinn, CEO of Jobbio.

Discover Roles You Wouldn’t Ordinarily

For the readers of Press Gazette, this partnership means more than just access to job listings. It means discovering roles they might not have stumbled upon otherwise. This job board will be a treasure trove of opportunities, catering specifically to the skill sets, interests, and ambitions of Press Gazette‘s audience.

Recruiters Targeting the Niche Readership

On the other side of the spectrum, recruiters will have the unprecedented advantage of precisely targeting a highly niche readership. Instead of casting a wide net, they can now direct their job listings to a pool of candidates who are not only qualified but also passionate about media and journalism.

A Step Towards the Future

The Press Gazette and Jobbio’s Amply Network partnership represents a significant step toward the future of media and journalism recruitment. It’s a reflection of the commitment of both organisations to foster innovation and create value for their audiences.

Press Gazette and Jobbio’s Amply network — Shaping the Future of Media Recruitment.

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