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The best things in life are simple. You will be surprised how the job you actually love can transform your life. Good news is that having a fulfilling career is perfectly real, you just need the right place to look for it. Think of the happy owners of these six insane jobs below. Well, we have even more good news for you – you can find just as fulfilling career in the field of your expertise on Jobbio. Do you want to join all the happy owners of dream careers? Then consider it the start of your own journey of finding your best-fit opportunity.

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Professional Panda Hugger

You read it right – people actually get paid to hug pandas for a living. The job’s requirements aren’t too stringent either. As long as you’re above 22, have “basic panda knowledge”, and good written and photography skills, you’re eligible to apply! Oh, and you have to be willing to relocate to China – but to get paid $32,000 / £22,000 / €28,000 to play with pandas all day, that doesn’t seem to be asking much! We’ve booked our flight already…


Milk Tray Man

Cadbury’s Milk Tray Man is an iconic, modern-day hero. As suave as James Bond himself, the Milk Tray Man’s mission is to triumph over extreme situations to deliver a box of chocolates. Firefighter Patrick McBridge recently beat out 20,000 other hopefuls for this coveted position. If this job sounds sweet to you, you’re in luck! 

Director of Bed Bouncing

Everyone’s most special relationship is probably with their bed. After a long day at work, there’s nothing better than crashing onto your comfy mattress. On the weekends, you treasure those wonderful lie-ins and breakfasts in bed. The Premier Inn acknowledged just how important this piece of furniture really is when they appointed a Director of Bed Bouncing, whose job it is to test the level of comfort of each of the hotel’s beds. Sounds like a cushy deal, no?

Premier Inns bed-tester Pic: Robert Nemeti/Solent News © Solent News & Photo Agency UK +44 (0) 2380 458800

Premier Inns bed-tester. Photo by Robert Nemeti/Solent News. © Solent News & Photo Agency

Awesomeness Hunter

It’s a no-brainer how each and every of us loves having a chance to say “I told you!” or “I knew it!” Identifying the next big thing, trendwatching or cool hunting is yet another awesome career that actually pays. Well, it might be paying even more than you think. Apparently, trend-spotting is a growing £36bn business. So, you might want to consider applying your exceptional sixth sense to finding a position at a trendwatching company.

Doga Instructor

Can’t imagine being separated from your doggy even for that hour you have to spend in your yoga class? For Doga’s sake, get in the flow with the trends! It’s a revolutionary (no overestimation here), doggy style yoga. What’s on offer? dogadog.com can teach you how to become a Doga instructor, start training now with these doganizing videos:

Not a dog person? Worry not, there’s something for you below 😉

Cat Meme Creator

What would the Internet be without cats? Well, what would life be without cat memes? The CatAcademy team, who help our fellow breed to learn languages under the curation of these masterminds, publicised a job offer that could hardly keep anyone indifferent. A cat lover with an affection to languages and with tolerable Photoshop (well, cats already make up 90% of any meme awesomeness) skills could get paid for creating cat memes. What a meow offer! 

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