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Talent nowadays can afford to become pickier due to the sheer amount of opportunities that are available to them. Statistics show that 25% of job postings are left open for 60 days, suggesting the difficulty in cutting through the noise and reaching Talent. So, what can you do if your job is struggling and you are having difficulty filling a position? Here are our six key tips on how to drive traffic and boost relevant job applications.

Run an audit of your job posting

Low applications to your opportunities can likely be attributed to an ineffective job spec. To ensure that you’re optimising your posting, here’s a checklist to help you out:

  1. Add relevant skills and keywords to improve the searchability of the position on Jobbio.
  2. Indicate the candidate’s main responsibilities and requirements. Make sure to differentiate between what is required and what is preferred.
  3. Keep it simple, concise, and easy to read.
  4. Salary is one of the biggest motivations for applying for a job, so there’s no reason not to include one.
  5. Give your posting visual appeal and personality. Company culture is increasingly important – make sure to showcase this!
  6. Make your benefits and perks stand out.
  7. On Jobbio, you can include questions that Talent need to complete in order for the application to be processed. This ensures that you’re not only getting more applicants but ultimately getting more relevant applicants, by deterring unqualified candidates from applying for your roles.

Find the ingredients that you need for a perfect job spec here.


Use a more recognisable title

Certain job titles are more creative and reflective of your company culture but this can lead Talent, who are often looking for familiarity, to skip over your position. It’s important to consider whether it’s worth risking alienating some candidates. If you can’t change the title, use keywords to work around this.


Share your job through your own networks

Your own network is incredibly powerful; your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn  even Snapchat followers are already engaged with your company, making them the perfect people to reach out to. You may be able to convert passive job seekers into active ones by showing them opportunities with their favourite brands. Discover simple yet effective social media recruiting strategies that you can implement here.

Boost Relevant Job Applications


Boost your employer branding

Candidates evaluate future employers based on numerous factors – culture, benefits, reputation, development opportunities, and more. If you can’t demonstrate what makes you a unique, top quality employer, you’re going to have difficulty attracting top Talent. You can start with basic perks to boost your employer branding and move up to additional benefits such as gym memberships or subsidised meals. 


Go offline

Despite society becoming ever more reliant on digital and online platforms, there is still immense value in face-to-face connections. Some of the best and most meaningful connections can occur offline so embrace careers events and other opportunities to interact with Talent. You’ll be able to capture a large audience of active and passive job seekers, and explain to them your roles and company in a lot more detail than a job posting could.

In March, Jobbio launched the inaugural EXPAND London, a careers event delivering the best opportunities to ambitious Talent. If you’d like to take advantage of meeting London’s brightest marketing, tech, and design Talent directly, we have a limited number of spaces left for companies that would like to exhibit in our next event on in March 2017. Click here for more details!

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Go mobile

Last but not least, if the number of applicants isn’t what you’re struggling with, but rather the time to hire – using Jobbio’s app can help with this. With the app, you can engage with candidates in real-time and even use your commute to efficiently manage your Talent. You’ll be able to accept Talent, move them into folders, and message potential candidates all on your mobile and on-the-go.


These are some of the ways you can turn around a struggling job, and find more applicants for your position.

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