Examining the Evolution of Recruitment

By September 28, 2015For Companies

Advances in technology are quickly changing the recruitment industry, making way for a highly advanced career tool and the one many companies are choosing to embrace is social media.

The Social Media Revolution

Social media is one such platform shaping the recruitment sector, with many companies choosing Social Recruiting as their main employment tool, but just how effective is it?

Recruitment market surveys reveal that an astounding 92% of employers used social networks to fill roles within a company and to find dedicated, motivated and skilled employees. Five years previous, the figure was 24%, which highlights the extent to which social media is now viewed as a beneficial asset to various companies today.


Can social media change your workplace for the better?

If you want to move forward in this fast-paced world, then investing in social media for the workplace, or for a team of millennials is a must. Considering many ‘bright young things’ use networking platforms to find exciting careers, if your social media is not in place, your next future leader could slip through the net.

This is one of the reasons a number of recruitment agencies are rejecting old-fashioned systems and modes of working, including run-of-the-mill notions. Society, including office society, no longer needs to adhere to strict guidelines when it comes to finding new employees and past preconceptions about employment methods are no longer in existence.

How the digital age has improved recruitment methods

According to the most recent recruitment market studies, 84% of individuals have revealed that mobile is their go-to platform when searching for jobs. In fact, one in four people said they would not apply for a role at a company that did not offer this method of job application.


The recruitment sector has massively evolved over the past ten years. It’s now a fast, efficient and slick tool and one that connects prospective employers to employees at the touch of a button.

If, as a business owner, you choose to utilise social networking tools, you’ll find a great deal of success when it comes to employing future leaders.


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