How to Leverage Your Social Media to Enhance Your Recruitment

By September 29, 2015For Companies

Are you using social media appropriately when it comes to attracting new employees? With so much competition from rival companies, it’s important to ensure you know the ins and outs – regardless of whether you’re tweeting, messaging, posting or uploading content. A recent survey reveals that an astounding 93% of recruiting professionals already use (or plan to use) social media in their job efforts – especially when it comes to attracting new talent to their own, or a variety of high profile companies.

So what is the reasoning behind this? All in all, social media offers a user-friendly, interactive, cost‐effective platform and one that boasts powerful results. According to those in the industry, leveraging social media increases candidate quality by a massive 44%. Traditional recruiting methods, such as sorting resumes according to experience and skill base and phone screenings are quickly becoming a thing of the past. If you wish to recruit an employee who is both personable and has the qualifications required to fill the role, you need to go the extra mile and offer a more personable application process.

How to combat a bland resume

Social media is an asset to HR teams wishing to attract employees who are creative, share the same company values and have skills. Online forms and social applications allow for a glimpse into the candidate’s lifestyle, beliefs and culture. All of these factors are crucial for companies looking to both engage potential employees and increase retention rates. This is one of the reasons 80% of recruiters are using social media to review a candidate’s job match, especially when it comes to cultural fit.


The perfect platform

Being such a powerful tool, there’s no surprise social media requires attention as well as respective action plan one implements on it. That includes right timing of the posts, researching the audience, visualising content and connecting it the wider network. The latter, for instance, can be achieved by using appropriate hashtags like #hirefriday, #jobposting, #recruiting, #hiring, etc. They make the post visible and increase sharing/retweeting chances.

Social media (including platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) is the perfect tool for employers looking to advertise their social mission, with the end goal to attract exceptional candidates. From using social media to promote available positions to using it to advertise wider sectors of their company, this is the new way to lure employees that stand out from the crowd.

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