95% of Workers Use Company Time to Stalk Their Ex

By June 5, 2018For Talent

Do you ever use company time for extra-curricular activities? Perhaps you book appointments on the office phone or maybe you look up holiday destinations every Monday afternoon?

Listen, we all do it. No one is innocent. No matter how dedicated you are to your role sometimes life can just get in the way and most employers know that.

Five minutes spent browsing the web is not going to affect your overall workload. Nor will it stop you from landing a promotion.

But it’s what people are doing online that is making the news this week.

According to a study conducted by protecting.co.uk over 95% of employees use company time to ‘stalk’ their exes online.

The survey of 3,000 office workers found that a majority of workers use social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to creep on their ex-partners and see what they’re up to.

The study also found that women are the worst offenders. A whopping 98% of those who confessed were female.

Why are employees obsessing over their exes during work? Well, the answer varies.

Some of the respondents were longing for a second chance while others were just curious. Worryingly, moving on to a new relationship didn’t stop the snoopers. They continued to stalk their ex even when happy with someone else.

One person even spent 4-hours a month scrolling through feeds for a glimpse into their ex’s life. The overall average was 1.5 hours a month.

Do you think it is acceptable to stalk your ex on company time? Let us know below.

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