This is How Many of Your Coworkers Admit to Facebook Stalking You

By February 20, 2018For Talent

Are you ready to feel just a little bit creeped out? Good, because latest statistics from online website Sugar Cookie may make you think twice about what you post on social media.

The website surveyed almost 2,000 people to find out all about their online habits.

And while we know it’s only natural to take a snoop at your colleague’s Instagram page, it turns out it’s more common than we thought.

When it comes to Facebook stalking, UK women lead the way, with 67% admitting they look at their hot colleague’s photos. Only 38% of American women admitted to doing the same.

UK and USA men, on the other hand, are much more similar, each reporting 58% and 61% yes answers retrospectively

But they might be doing a lot more than just looking.

39% of the respondents said they used coworker’s social media pics as material in their self-love sessions.

Interestingly, more women than men confessed to fantasising about a co-worker- 42% compared to 39%.

So, apparently, a lot of your coworkers are getting their jollies looking at your Thailand #TBT pics and your smoking hot selfie from Saturday night.

Who knew? Well, seemingly a lot of women did.  51% of women admit they thought male work colleagues have masturbated to them. While only 21% of guys thought maybe their female co-workers would masturbate to their photos.

Workplace infatuations are nothing new. Through our own research for the Jobbio #WorkHappy Index we found that 33% of people in the UK have had an office romance compared with 27% in the US. Online lurking has almost become part of that courtship process.

Considering these numbers, it’s no wonder people put so much effort into their Instagram photos. Will it make you reconsider your candid brunch post? Probably not.

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