5 signs you are in serious need of a social media detox

By September 30, 2020For Talent

Log out of Instagram and step away from LinkedIn. Your social media accounts are a brilliant way to make connections and build your personal brand but how do you know when enough is enough?

Here are just 5 signs that you might need a social media detox this month.

You spend all day in front of screens

There’s only so much time a person can spend in front of a screen until they lose their soul (and potentially their eyesight). If you spend most of your working day at a computer then you need to make sure that you get some downtime in the evenings.

You need to give your mind a rest from the endless stream of selfies and food snaps. How will you do anything productive like make your own dinner if you’re spending all your time stalking chefs on Instagram?

You can’t remember the last time you read a good book

Shame on you. A good book can completely transform your day and take you away from any stressful situations that you may be facing at work. Plus, you might actually learn something in the process.

It’s impossible to read something interesting when you’re devoting every waking second to social media. So, get your nose out of your phone and into a book instead. Get into the habit of reading a book (yes, the kind with pages) every night before bed. Having a set routine will help you to unwind and drift into a more restful sleep.

You don’t spend any quality time with your friends/significant other

You might see your partner every single day but just how much of that time do you both spend silently scrolling through your phones on the sofa. If the only time you talk is when you’re showing each other a meme then a social media detox is definitely in order.

All jokes aside, relationships take effort and work on both sides. You need to be present for your conversations with friends and family. This can translate to your colleagues also. Don’t spend your entire lunch break on Facebook. Make an effort to strike up a conversation instead.

You spend a long time over analysing your posts

If you’re spending 30 plus minutes analysing an Instagram picture before you post it then you’re definitely overthinking it. Social media should be fun and spontaneous. It shouldn’t be a hard decision.

Do you get annoyed when you don’t get lots of likes on a picture? Do you feel stressed posting content on Facebook? It might be time for a social media detox. After all, it is supposed to be fun.

You’ve forgotten what you actually like

Have you ever bought something just because an influencer posted it on their channel? Or maybe you’ve only done something because you know that you will be able to get a good Instagram photo. The world is full of people ”doing things for the ‘gram.” That is fine in theory but you need to make sure that you don’t neglect the things you truly love.

Doing a social media detox will give you the chance to think about the things that you really love doing when you’re away from the Snapchat filters. Maybe it’s knitting or maybe it’s snowboarding, it really doesn’t matter. Find out what you love to do and do it often.

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