Social Media Crimes That Will Cost You That Job

By October 13, 2016For Talent, Grad Series

Although it may seem glaringly obvious that your social media persona can have consequences elsewhere, it’s important to note to what extent. While we all like to believe we are social champions, there are certain blunders we’ve all been guilty of. Here are 5 changes you need to make to your social media presence: 

1. Fix your employment details.

Are you guilty of working as a Full Time Mad Bastard and/or Can Destroyer? Are you studying insomnia at The Institute of Ibiza? When Facebook gave us the option to add our jobs and studies to our profiles, we all had a little fun with it – just another way to showcase our wit to the world. But now, the show is over! Reading that you’re a Casanova at the Playboy Mansion is embarrassing for all involved and a massive turn-off for prospective employers, colleagues and suitors.   

2. Choose that profiler wisely.

You can be filtered to within an inch of your life with seriously fleeky eyebrows and wonderful lighting but if you’re smoking, drinking or flipping the bird, maybe reconsider that upload. (Or save it for Snapchat!) Think: would I be happy for my grandmother or boss to see this? The internet is for life guys, not just for Christmas.

3. Stalk with stealth.

We’ve all heard the urban legend about the girl who took to Facebook to stalk her ex boyfriend’s new girlfriend but instead of typing her name in the search bar, posted it repeatedly on her page. The. Absolute. Horror.

4. Keep the commentary in check.

The comments section of a news site can be a terrifying place. Ignorant, inflammatory and insulting posts under an article are commonplace (unfortunately). One can feel compelled to correct these ignoramuses and by all means if you feel like you have something constructive to add to a conversation, then do. However, don’t let a little back and forth descend into a slagging match online. It’s public, it’s permanent and it’s usually anti-productive. What’s that old chestnut about fighting with fools?


5. Tag with kindness.

You wouldn’t like that hideous/ compromising pic of you to surface so don’t do it to your friends either. It may be hilarious at the time and it might generate a lot of positive heat in the Whatsapp group but remember what goes around comes around. (See number 2.)

Now that you know what not to do, check out our tips on perfecting your personal brand here. 

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