How to Use Your Network (Even if it’s Tiny)

By October 9, 2017For Talent

We’ve all heard the phrase, ”It’s all about who you know” and, to be honest, it’s usually¬†true. Lots of business deals, meetings, and even job offers come about through mutual friends.

But just how do you bring about these seemingly serendipitous interactions?

Here’s how you can use your network no matter how small you think it may be.


Keep your social media up to date

You might not have many followers on Twitter or LinkedIn but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep them updated. It’s important that you are active and engage in relevant conversations that may be happening. You never know who could see your post if someone happens to share it.

Join groups

If you’re not in any professional online groups, find some to join. Try them out for a few months to see if they are helpful. If they aren’t, simply leave and find another.

Get out more

The easiest way to make the most of your network is to attend industry events with other colleagues or acquaintances. This is a great way to meet more people in your sector and grow your network in the process. Keep an eye out for upcoming events and don’t be afraid to say yes to the odd work social event every now and then. You might even have fun.

Be a friend

Treat your contacts the same way that you treat your friends and they are much more likely to help you out when the time comes. That means checking in every so often and actually taking an interest in their lives, not just asking them for favours.

Always follow up

If you meet someone new, make sure you follow up with them the next day. Simply send them an email saying that you enjoyed meeting them. This is also a great time to let them know that they can contact you if they ever need your help or expertise. Hopefully, you will get a similar response.

Don’t forget anyone

Your network is probably a lot bigger than you think it is. If you’ve recently changed career or you’ve just graduated it can feel like you don’t know many people in your field. You’re probably wrong. Remember that family friends, neighbours, school pals and people from your town are all part of your network. Don’t be afraid to use them.

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