Top 5 Ways To Attract Gen Z

By September 29, 2016For Companies

Just who are Gen Z? Centennials or iGen as theyre also known, are a savvy bunch and not just when it comes to tech trends. They do not share the idealism of their Millennial predecessors and have a very pragmatic view of the world.

As such, they are more conservative spenders, they are more realistic about their employment options and more wary of their future. About to hit the workforce, Gen Z are already a focal point for researchers examining the best ways to attract, manage and retain them. Here’s some pointers for effectively targeting the latest generation to come of age.

Top 5 Ways To Attract Gen Z

Beware of attention spans

Gen Zs have an average attention span of 8 seconds so engage them instantly or not at all. Creative campaigns, which allow candidates to get a ‘feel’ for both your company culture and the type of people you want to work with are the way forward – the more original and interactive, the better. Have a look at Heineken’s catchy and fresh HR campaign which does an excellent job at both! 

Forget the glossy celeb endorsement

This cohort are jaded from the traditional celebrity seal of approval. They are hypersensitive to advertorial content and completely intolerant of phony promotions. They identify better with the self-made social influencers: the bloggers, vloggers, Insta and YouTube stars but only when it feels authentic. 

Prioritise finding a channel that fits organically with your brand, not one that seems the most popular.

Keep the noise down

Avoid anything that constitutes noise. Centennials are irritated by pushy and irrelevant content so forget pop-ups or mass emails. They will respond to personalised systems that remember their preferences and add value to their experience.

Utilise multimedia

Gen Zs communicate through a mix of images, video, emojis, audio, memes and GIFs. Think about how you can incorporate these into your message to capture their attention. Make your content digestible and ads engaging and shareable. See how Coca-Cola achieved it.  


Relate to their values

To a much greater extent than their older counterparts, Gen Z are concerned with social and environmental issues. They want to make a difference in the world and thus, are more engaged with socially responsible brands.


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