6 Social Media Recruiting Strategies You Should Implement

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Every month, millions of users are active on the largest social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Social media was traditionally dominated by Marketers but Talent Acquisition Specialists and HR Managers are now catching up, with 93% stating that they use or plan to use social to support their hiring efforts. It seems intuitive: with such a high volume of people logging onto these platforms, why not use these channels to source top Talent? However, despite an almost universal acknowledgement of the importance of social media recruiting, 82% of recruiters said that they believe their social recruiting skills are proficient at most. In this article, we’ll share the social media recruiting strategies that you can begin to implement today to find top Talent.


The rise of the “passive job-seeker” (someone who is open to new opportunities even if they’re not actively looking) lends itself to the growing prominence of social channels. The best way to capture and target these people is to have a presence in online locations where they are spending their time.

Social Media Recruiting Strategies: Facebook

Your company is likely to have a Facebook page, which can be converted into a recruiting tool. Your Facebook ‘fans’, who are already passionate about your products or services, could very well be passionate about working with you. So, why not target this relevant and engaged audience with new opportunities at your company? 

Your Facebook fans will have a good idea of your company as a consumer brand, but perhaps not as an employer brand. When directing them to your job post, make sure to show off all your amazing perks and benefits and your unique team culture. Just like building your social community, you can also build your Talent community.

Another great aspect of Facebook is Facebook groups, where you can also share your positions to find relevant Talent. For instance, a good example in London is the very active ‘London Startup Jobs’ group, where talented marketers, developers, and designers search for new opportunities in tech and startups.


Twitter is a useful tool for social sharing because you can reach not just your Twitter followers, but anybody who is searching by keyword, by hashtag, or by location. These are some examples of hashtags that work across industries: #job, #jobpost, #employment, #recruiting, #hiring, #career, #staffing, #salesjob, #NAJ (this stands for Need a Job).

Remember to use the same brand tone you would normally use on social media when sharing a job with your social community – keeping it consistent with your previous posts!


As LinkedIn is a professional network, it is likely that all your LinkedIn followers are specifically interested in working with your company. It might not be the most suitable location for building your employer brand as LinkedIn has a very pragmatic function; but it is a good place to share specific job updates. You can post these on your company page as well as on relevant groups there.


You might be thinking, isn’t Snapchat the app that all those tweens are obsessed with? Well, yes, but with its daily user base reaching 100 million, Snapchat seems to be popular with just about everyone. And with the growth of Snapchat continuing to skyrocket, it is no surprise that it is gaining a lot of popularity amongst hiring companies.

Snapchat allows you to create stories compiled of short videos and pictures of your company culture and day-to-day life within the office. It is live, interactive and a lot more personable than the other networks. You can have fun whilst also giving an insider scope into life at your company.

Social Media Recruiting Strategies

Fashion designer Sophia Webster uses Snapchat to give an insider look into working life at her namesake brand.


Again, Instagram might not be the most obvious choice for social recruiting. However, it is a great platform for building your employer brand. Although fashion or food-related businesses might be more naturally drawn to the platform, Instagram can still have a place in your overall social recruiting strategy no matter what your product or service is. And it’s not just for the marketers!

Instagram can attract both active and passive job seekers through visual content. Whether you choose to create a specific Careers profile or use a general one, you can show a side to your company that people on the outside wouldn’t normally see. For example, upload images of your Staff day out to give potential candidates a taste of what it is like to work for you.

Social Media Recruiting Strategies

Employee Advocacy

Throughout this article, we’ve mentioned the different channels that your company can use for social recruiting. However, you can also share your jobs through your personal accounts and get the rest of the team involved.

Talent are more likely to be drawn in by current staff spreading the word about why your company is a great place to work. Promote employee advocacy on social media and encourage your team to share and retweet links to your job openings, as well as general employee branding content (like photos of the team or office). See an example from Jobbio’s own Frankie McSwiney below.

You could even incentivise this and start a bit of healthy competition. For example, the person to share the most or best employee branding-related tweets gets a pizza party for their team. This would encourage them to capture and share some fun company moments on their next team outing!  

Ultimately, you’re not only giving Talent a better insight into everyday life at your company, but also widening the reach of your roles by having your team share it with their own networks as well. And, you’ll also be getting positive exposure for your company across various channels.


Your social fans are part of your network because they have chosen to follow your brand, so why not engage them with your employer branding? They may have never thought about working for your company so by linking to your job openings or your Jobbio Bio across your social networks you can give them an insight into your company culture and really show off what a great place it is to work.


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