Day In The Life: Grace Looney, CMO at Jobbio

What do you do, and how did you get here?

I’m the Chief Marketing Officer working with a team of nine people overseeing all aspects of Marketing for Jobbio globally. The remit of the Marketing team covers everything from Company acquisition and engagement, to Talent acquisition and engagement, content creation and distribution, job acquisition and distribution, to social media strategy and execution and events.

My career journey so far:

On graduating with a First Class Honours degree in BBS Marketing, I went on to complete the MSC (Masters) in Advertising in DIT. After that, I entered the world of Advertising and my first job was as an Account Executive on the McDonald’s account in CawleyNea/TBWA in Dublin. I went on to work in DDFH&B on the Vodafone, WorldVision and Jaguar accounts. After a year’s travel, including 6 months freelance work in DDB Melbourne, I returned to Dublin as an Account Director in Rothco. There I managed the Heineken, Unilever and Tiger Beer Accounts. I was lucky enough to have clients as far as Singapore so I got to travel all over the world with my role and work on incredible projects including the Heineken global advertising campaign for Rugby World Cup 2015.

“At the end of 2015, I decided I wanted to expand my career horizons and took this role as Chief Marketing Officer with Jobbio.”

How do you spend your day? 

Like many roles, no two days are the same. At any point in the day, I could be working with the other Department heads in strategising aspects of the business, I could be working with my own team on projects, I could be on a shoot with a client company producing content or I could be overseeing the production of one of our events, namely EXPAND London.


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What’s the best part of your job?

Seeing how Marketing plays a role in how Jobbio is going from strength to strength. I’m very lucky to have two Founders and a Management team that believe in the power of Marketing in a business.

What’s the hardest part of your job?

The world of a startup can be frantic and reactive. The biggest challenges are prioritising work. Everything we do has an effect on the business so you need to figure what’s ‘urgent’ and what’s ‘important’ and resource accordingly.

What traits are ‘must haves’ to do your job well?

Being able to see ‘the big picture’ to help guide people and help them prioritise work. You need to be organised and work well with people. Budget management and data analysis are also key.

Any advice for people applying for a job like yours?

Be passionate about all aspects of Marketing. In today’s world you can’t afford to just be an expert in one area. There are lots of levers in Marketing and you need to know the role of each and how to execute them.

Day in the life

“I’m very lucky to have two Founders and a Management team that believe in the power of Marketing in a business.”

What’s your ultimate goal in your career?

In Jobbio, to build a world-class Marketing team and for Jobbio to be one of the world’s top brands.

How do you unwind after work?

Exercise. I’m an all-round better human when I’m consistently exercising! Drawing and painting are my ultimate escapes but don’t get to them as frequently as I would like.

Tell us one quirky thing nobody would know about you.

I’m petrified of birds and most winged creatures.

What it’s like to work at your company?

Let everyone know, contact us to get featured????????


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