5 Perks That Will Attract Generation Z to Your Hospitality Role

By October 25, 2016For Companies

While everyone has been spending time and resources on trying to capture Millennials, we’ve been sharing our wisdom on Generation Z: the most pragmatic cohort to ever hit the workforce. The latest in our Gen Z or iGen series tells you what hospitality perks will attract and retain them.

Education: This cohort are hungry for information and keen to learn new skills. Draw them to your roles by offering them opportunities to grow. Don’t just do the basic training. Offer customer service workshops, advanced barista education, sommelier and mixology courses.


Food: Gen Zs have been described as a foodie contingent. They are more interested in nutrition than their older counterparts and are more likely to pay extra for organic and artisan foods. As an ethical bunch, they’ll be attracted to businesses that source local produce from local suppliers and are champions of Fairtrade. Healthy food options and staff meals would be a good motivation.

Freedom: Flexibility can prove a big incentive for Gen Zs. Due to their independent nature, they will value a work environment that is less stringent. They will enjoy the opportunity to work in a less formal setting and as a globally-minded cohort they will appreciate the transferable nature of hospitality skills.


Commuting Facilities: Gen Zs are concerned about social and environmental issues and so are more likely to be committed to companies who are too. Can you offer a practical perk that also satisfies their green tendencies? Some hotels offer shuttle services or bicycle racks on the premises. Could you offer discounted taxis for staff working the late shift?

Money: Last but not least! The ol’ reliable cash injection will never be unpopular, regardless of generation. Do you have a healthy gratuity system in place? Do you have an automatic service charge for large parties?

Jobbio Tip: If you’re looking for a unique way to attract and motivate Generation Z, try offering them a new experience. For the digi masters maybe there’s an unplugged experience you can offer them like yoga before service starts or group trips to the zoo or a theme park.

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