A Look Ahead: Generation Z in 10 Years

By November 8, 2016For Companies

In the latest of our Generation Z blog series, we will be examining what the cohort after Millennials (Gen Z/iGen/Centennials) will look like in ten years. They may be just about to infiltrate the workforce but we’re looking ahead to what they’ll be like as colleagues, managers and even parents! (Insert crystal ball emoji.)

Colleagues: Gen Z will enjoy a harmonious relationship with their Millennial colleagues. They will not experience the same political workplace issues that Millennials have had with Gen Xers and will have an easier ride in terms of climbing the corporate ladder. They will enjoy working remotely and will look for flexibility around working hours. When they are in the office they will take full advantage of interactive workspaces and the latest tech. They will prefer to communicate across a number of online channels rather than face-to-face. They are born multitaskers and will work best in short intense spurts, incorporating a number of screens on a number of devices.


Managers: This generation value independence and autonomy over their work and therefore will be free reign managers.  They’ll reward creativity and idea sharing and will be open to communicating across all levels and departments. They will allow for non-linear promotional paths that seek out potential not just qualifications.

They’ll have a strong social conscience, committed to doing the right thing and giving back to their community.

They will have broader definitions of gender and sexuality. Forget heels for women and ties for men, these managers will champion equality and diversity. Under their leadership, expect a rise in unisex bathrooms and uniforms. Even company literature will contain gender neutral pronouns. They will support equal parental leave and green policies.

Parents: Generation Z will redefine the traditional family structure.  Expect an increase in same sex, transgender and interracial partnerships and marriages, leading to more adoptions and surrogacy arrangements. We’ll see medical advancements such as egg freezing being used to delay parenthood and prioritise career development. Gen Zs will seek out opportunities to travel and continue their education later than their predecessors. 

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