A Day In The Life of Sean Treacy, Co-Founder of Grafton Studio


Name: Sean Treacy

Company: Grafton Studio

Job Title: Co-Founder

Tell us a little about your company – what do you do and why do you do it?

We design and develop custom web applications and websites. Luke (my co-founder) and I came from a web agency background and wanted to create a studio where we could do our best work and build a great team. So far we’ve been lucky enough to work on many interesting projects with great clients and now we’re ready to grow our team with some talented designers and developers.

What are the top three qualities of the people you hire?

We are looking for nice, talented and reliable team members.

What kind of culture does your company have?

As a small team, everyone has a large role to play and everyone’s input is essential and valued. We also think it is important to offer our team members whatever flexibility is needed to live a happy life and create great work.

What are the perks of working in your company?

Flexible work schedule – team members often work from home once a week. We also offer competitive salary, office in the heart of Harvard Square and a casual atmosphere.

Grafton Studio

What are the challenges your employees face?

No two projects are the same so we need our team to be flexible, able to multitask and always drive for great end results.

Any advice for people applying for a job in your company?

Above all else, we look for genuine interest in building web products. Even if it’s a small project you did with a friend in the past that went nowhere, it’s is a lot more interesting to us than what university you attended.


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