A Day In The Life Of Ash Mohun, Mechanic At Sweeney’s Garage

We recently brought you a Day in the Life special at Sweeney’s Garage, featuring an interview with garage owner Greig Sweeney. Today, we focus on Ash, the garage’s manager, lead mechanic and Greig’s right-hand man.

Tell us about your role and how you got here.

I’m the manager of the garage here. My main role is customer service, talking to the customers and then delegating to the rest of the team and getting sign off from the customer. In Sweeney’s we don’t do anything without talking to the customer.

I was looking for a job and at the time the company was Taxi Taxi Ltd. I called in and Greig said “I have a car here that we are having trouble with. If you can fix this car, the job is yours. Come in the morning.” So I went in the morning. At the time he was installing taxi meters and there’s a wire to determine mileage that’s called a pulse wire. I knew this from Mauritius and I had the car fixed in an hour. He was impressed with that and that’s how I got the job!

What makes Sweeney’s different to other garages that you’ve worked in?

The team here is different, we’re friendly. There’s no hard talk if something goes wrong. It’s a much friendlier environment than other garages I’ve worked in.

What’s the best part of your job and what’s the hardest part?

It’s funny that the hardest part is also what makes me happy. When we get a car in here and you can’t find the problem, say it’s just a bulb not lighting and you check everything – the fuse, the wiring, everything and you don’t see the problem. Cars these days are more electronic and more complicated. What makes me feel happy is when you find the problem and find the issue. I’m the only mechanic in this garage who is qualified in electronics, so it’s very important for me to do this thoroughly. 

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What advice would you give a mechanic starting out?

Mechanics have to be fully qualified, have a good sense of humour, be hardworking and passionate about cars!

What’s your biggest career goal?

I would like to be rich (laughs) and we would like to have 5 garages. My Dad has a garage back home in Mauritius and ever since I started working with my Dad I have it in my head that I want this. I think I found the right person to help with this, Greig! Together we will achieve the 5 garages.

What do you do to relax outside of work?

At home, I spend time with my daughter. She’s a year and a half.

Can she drive yet?

No, we’re just training her now (laughs). Outside of that, I would say football. Every Thursday the guys from the garage all go and play together, I think it’s a good thing. We’re even talking about entering a league.


What perks do you enjoy working at Sweeney’s?

For myself, I get my insurance from the company, I get my mobile phone from the company.

I think this is the thing that is different than other garages, the company is invested in us.

What’s your proudest moment since you started here?

I have so many… One of them was when I got married, my Mum and Dad could not come because of Visa issues. So, Greig and his family were by my side and the speech he gave it made me feel proud. He will be one of the people who guides me through and show me the way. I have great respect for him.

What’s the best advice he ever gave you?

Come and work for Sweeney’s Garage!

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