4 Ways To Attract Open Talent To Your Hospitality Role

By December 13, 2016For Companies

When we talk about open or passive Talent, we’re talking about the candidates that are comfortably employed but open to new opportunities. They are not actively looking for new jobs but they are receptive to learning about them.  Not only are they generally good performers but they make up over two thirds of the workforce. In the latest of our Open Talent Series, we focus on the hospitality industry, which faces a shortage of skilled Talent and a turnover rate higher than most. Here are 4 ways to attract open Talent to your hospitality role.

Consider the candidate’s journey

If open candidates are to be converted to hires, you need to ensure that you’re easily accessible. Over 90% of candidates won’t complete an application if the process is not mobile optimised or takes more than 2 steps. 

Our research shows that career sites are the most used medium when searching for new opportunities.

Ensure yours has a responsive design to work with a range of devices and has advanced search capabilities. Hold it to the same standards you would your reservation system: user friendly and efficient.


Be direct 

If you want to attract open Talent to your hospitality team you need to be open about the role you’re offering. Give as much information as possible. What’s the salary, what does the management structure look like, how does the gratuity system work? Be honest about the perks and benefits of the job. Hospitality is a flexible industry in that it often allows staff to pursue side projects, education or even other jobs. Is this the case at your restaurant or hotel? Can you offer employees a good work-life balance or are you offering good earning potential for a short intense season i.e. Christmas or summer?

Be social

Social media is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal. And it’s free! Use it to give open Talent (and customers) a flavour of what you’re up to. Update your social channels as often as possible to build recognition of your business. Food images are among the most shared on Instagram. (Over 197,350,000 posts.) Why not share an image of your newest dish or most popular cocktail?



Get your team on board

Your employees are the best possible advocates for you as an employer and often the biggest differentiator between you and your competitors for attracting staff. Encourage them to engage with your content online. Post pictures of your work nights, share your job vacancies, special offers or events. The support of a strong team can be one of the biggest benefits of working in the service industry, show open Talent how great yours is!


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