How To Break Into The FinTech Industry

By May 23, 2017For Talent

FinTech is one of the fasting growing industries in the tech sector. If you‘re looking for an opportunity in FinTech, this is what you need to do:

Stay updated

If you’re serious about forging a career in this industry you need to be on point with the latest developments. Forget the paper CVs, find a platform that allows you to showcase all your talents and differentiate yourself from other candidates – It’s not a good idea to approach a tech company with an archaic application. (We hear this one is great.)

Social media is your best friend and should be utilised as much as possible. Follow the top FinTech companies on Twitter and make lists on Tweetdeck to easily keep track of updates. Subscribe to relevant blogs, read eBooks and use hashtags such as #Fintech or #blockchain to learn about new trends. Education is power!


Don’t undervalue your experience

When applying for roles within the industry, don’t get bogged down on having extensive FinTech experience. As a rapidly growing, but relatively new space, FinTech companies find it hard to source academically qualified employees. As a result, they cast their nets towards candidates who show excellent technical ability combined with critical thinking and a background in analytical problem solving.

Being flexible, agile and comfortable with ambiguity are all important traits, as the nature of FinTech companies means they regularly shift focus to accommodate scaling.

Emma Byrne, HR Business Partner at CurrencyFair says: “The type of people that excel at CurrencyFair are usually resilient, adaptable, open to change, solution-driven, eager to achieve, easy-going and fun!”

Build your personal brand

Whether it’s engaging with online discussions or reaching out to industry influencers on LinkedIn, get your name out there. Attend events and make connections with people who interest you. Claire Savage COO at AQMetrics says events are a great opportunity to learn more about developments in the sector.

“At AQMetrics we are excited to see the Financial Regulators starting to work closely with FinTech firms, via workshops, masterclasses, provision of sandbox environments and other industry collaborations.”

For Emma, networking and building contacts were key in landing her role in FinTech. I wanted to make the move to Tech as I really wanted to work with high achievers in a fast paced environment where innovation was encouraged. I reached out to people already in Tech and they put CurrencyFair on my radar. Then a role came up and I jumped at the opportunity!”

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