1 in 3 Americans Don’t Know That The Gender Pay Gap Exists

By April 11, 2018For Talent

At the moment American women as a whole are paid 20% less than men. Women of colour are paid even less. In 2018, that number is unacceptable.

Unsurprisingly the gender pay gap is frequently featured in the news and public debate. In the last few months alone celebrities and have spoken out against the gap while politicians have debated ways to fix it. It’s been a trending hashtag on Twitter and a catalyst for protests around the world.

However, a high percentage of Americans still don’t even know that a gap exists!

It might be hard to believe but according to new research by Lean In and SurveyMonkey, one in three U.S. adults aren’t aware of the gender pay gap.

The survey also found that men are almost twice as likely as women to think it doesn’t exist.

Thankfully the survey did have some good news.When people learn that women are paid less than men, nearly three-quarters think it’s unfair (hallelujah!)

A majority correctly say that sexism and unconscious bias are at the root of the problem.

However, 5% attribute it to tired notions about women working less hard or being less educated than men (yawn!).

So what does this research teach us? Well, it’s clear to see that in order to close the gender pay gap there must be a focus on closing the awareness gap. It’s almost impossible to fight an unfair system unless the public recognises it as unjust.

The only way to close the gap is to talk openly and honestly about the issue. while putting pressure on both employers and the government to enforce laws that allow true equality in the workplace.

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