A Vision For an Inclusive Workforce

By July 27, 2017For Talent

Employment rates for transgender people are unacceptably low.

Last year,  landmark research by the National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) found that one third of the 27,000 trans people surveryed reported to living in poverty. Respondents also reported an unemployment rate of 15%, three times higher than than the national rate. According to The Guardian, a quarter of those in employment had reported cases of workplace discrimination.

Gordon Grehan, Operations Manager of Trans Equality Network Ireland says access to employment is a significant challenge for the trans community:

“We know that trans people face significant barriers in accessing the workplace and also experience high levels of discrimination in employment. One in four Irish trans people are unemployed and actively seeking work. Despite the significant progress that TENI  is making through our work with employers in creating trans inclusive workplaces, trans people continue to face employment challenges in their everyday lives”.

At Jobbio, we believe every candidate has the right to apply for a job without fear, without discrimination and without limitation. We believe that diversity of experience, diversity of thought and diversity of gender can only and will only advance the aims of business and society. As business leaders we will embrace the opportunities presented to us and welcome all people to our platform.

We spoke to Kay Cairns, founder of Non-Binary+ Ireland who shared their vision for an inclusive workforce and why it is only companies that lose out when they overlook transgender candidates.

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