10 Ridiculous Job Titles and What They Actually Mean

By August 10, 2017For Talent

Have you ever heard of a coordinator of interpretive teaching or a beverage dissemination officer? No? Well, join the club.

As companies try to attract new talent, many are getting creative with their job titles in order to sound more exciting and appealing. And who can blame them? It’s not easy finding the perfect hire.

Here are some of the most unusual job titles that we have come across.

1. Field nourishment consultant

A food scientist perhaps? Or maybe a dietician? A field nourishment consultant is actually a waiter or waitress. Who knew? Definitely not me.

2. Petroleum transfer engineer

It might be a dying field as self-service courtyards take over but petroleum transfer engineer is still a title that you might see on job websites. Any ideas? It’s actually a petrol station attendant.

3. Transparency enhancement facilitator

If you’re applying for the role of transparency enhancement facilitator then you better be good with heights. While the title might make you think of a corporate career, it’s actually a window cleaner.

4. Information advisor

Did you know that an information advisor is actually a new term for a librarian? Every day is a school day.

5. Growth hacker

This one sounds slightly terrifying but don’t be alarmed, a growth hacker is a marketing assistant.

6. Beverage dissemination officer

Looking for a job in hospitality? If you’re good at pouring pints you could be a beverage dissemination officer AKA a bartender.

7. Communication executive

Have you seen this title online? A communication executive is a call centre employee so get your phone voice ready.

8. Colour distribution technician

Is this another name for a makeup artist? Or maybe hair colourist? A colour distribution technician is actually a painter and decorator.

9. Coordinator of interpretive teaching

This role doesn’t actually require any teaching experience but you might need to brush up on your history as it’s another name for a museum tour guide.

10. Five-a-day collection operative

We’ve saved the best one for last. A five-a-day collection operative is… a fruit picker. Mind blown!

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