Gamers Will Love These 4 Companies Hiring at StartUp Open House

By September 11, 2017For Talent

As many of you may already know, Canada’s biggest and best startup event, Startup Open House will be taking place on the 28th September.

SOH will see hundreds of budding businesses in Montréal, Toronto and Vancouver throw open their doors to the public for one night and one night only.

So, we thought we would round up a handful of the amazing companies that will be taking part on the night just to whet your appetite.

1.C2RO Robotics

It doesn’t get much cooler than robots ladies and gentlemen. C2RO is the first Robotic SaaS Platform that uses real-time data processing technologies to enable AI solutions for any robot in a fast, secure, and inexpensive manner. They’re always on the lookout for highly-motivated people to join their dynamic team and the right candidate will get the opportunity to work in a cutting-edge space of cloud robotics. You can meet them at the Montreal SOH event this September.

2. Coinsquare

All gamers will have heard of a little something called Bitcoin. Coinsquare is Canada’s leading platform for simple and secure trading of bitcoin, ethereum, gold and more. They allow users to buy and sell online currencies at the click of a button. Set up by an ex-financial engineer, they pride themselves on their security rating and customer service. Want to find out more? You can catch up with them at the Toronto event.



3. Brizi

Brizi takes game day selfies to a whole new level. They use exciting technology to allow fans to take snap photographs using stadium cameras. Think the classic kiss-cam photos, only better. Brizi is based in Toronto and their team is made up of enthusiastic engineers and innovators. Pay them a visit at Startup Open House if you’d like to join their growing team.

4. Le Wagon Montréal

All gamers will know how important code is. Le Wagon Montréal is a coding boot camp that helps participants to learn web development, think like a software engineer, and adopt a technical workflow. They run boot camps all over the world and are always looking to add talented and ambitious people to their team. Le Wagon will be taking part in Montréal’s SOH this year so make sure you bring your ‘A’ game if you’re looking to impress these guys.

We’ll see you there.

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