How to Research a Company Before Your Interview

By January 8, 2018For Talent

As the old saying goes, ”Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” If you want to do well at your job interview then you need to put in a little bit of work. That means practicing interview questions, checking your body language and researching everything there is to know about the company.

Here are just a few of our top tips for finding out the information you need to succeed. Good luck!

Use your connections

Before your interview, you should research the company on LinkedIn. Find out roughly how many people work there, check out their company posts and what kind of jobs they are advertising.

If you have any connections at the company then you should reach out to them. If you have a good relationship with them, drop them a message to let them know you’re interviewing. You never know they might put in a good word for you or maybe even give you some tips that will help you to get the job.

Know their competitors 

Before you go to your interview make sure that you research the industry that you want to work in. You should know key trends, the main industry players and any major news stories that have broken over the last few days.

For example, if you’re interviewing for a fintech company you should be up to date on the latest finance regulations. Find out the company’s main competitors. Identify their success and their flaws. This kind of insight is sure to impress interviewers.

Do a deep dive into the company culture

It’s very important to research the company culture. HR professionals aren’t just looking for someone who meets all the criteria, they will be on the hunt for someone who fits in with the company culture.

Good candidates will investigate this before their interview. Check out the company’s values and mission on their website. Look up their social media pages. Take a look at their Jobbio channel. All these things will give you an idea of the kind of person they are looking to hire.

Learn about their product

Every single company has a product and you should know it inside and out. Discover how it works and who their main clients are. This will help you to sound prepared during your interview.

To find out this information you should look at the company’s website. Keep an eye out for testimonials and company blog posts. Depending on the role it might be beneficial to look up pricing.

Find their pain points

Companies hire problem solvers. They want to hire someone who can make their lives easier. While you’re researching the company try to suss out some of their main pain points. Come to the interview with a plan to help them remedy at least one of their issues.

For example, if you work in HR and you notice that they have a low retention rate then you should tell them ways that you would improve this issue if you were hired.

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