The Top 100 Jobs For 2018 Have Been Revealed

By January 10, 2018For Talent

Are you thinking of changing your career in 2018? You might want to read this list first.

U.S. News has just released their best jobs for 2018 list. The list is composed of jobs from various different sectors and the results may surprise you.

Of course, careers are subjective. While working in a high-pressure sales environment might seem fun for some people it can make others squirm. There are however some things that are universally appealing.

To create the list the website took things like median salary, employment rate, future job prospects, stress level and work-life balance into consideration.

Data from the list came from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the research was quantified from seven component measures using a 1-10 scale. Here are the top 25 jobs on the list.

1. Software Developer

2. Dentist

3. Physician Assistant

4. Nurse Practitioner

5. Orthodontist

6. Statistician

7. Pediatrician

8. Obstetrician and Gynecologist

9. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

10. Physician

11. Occupational Therapist

12. Physical Therapist

13. Anesthesiologists

14. Surgeon

15. Psychiatrists

16. Prosthodontists

17. Dental Hygienist

18. Registered Nurse

19. Marketing Manager

20. Physical Therapist Assistant

22. Respiratory Therapist

23.  Nurse Anesthetists

24. Optometrist

25. Actuary

You can see all of the top 100 here.

Interestingly, healthcare professions made up a vast majority of the top roles. However, even though they account for 20 of the top 25 positions no health professional managed to beat the best profession of the year which is software developer. This is a testament to the important role that technology plays in modern life.

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