Boomerang Employees: How to Get Your Old Job Back

By February 6, 2018For Talent

Going back to your old job may be easier than you think. However, there are some steps you should take to ensure that you are welcomed with open arms.

Leave on a good note

Always leave a position on a positive note. Be honest and personable. Leaving a job is often tricky but there are ways to handle it. You never know when you may need someone’s assistance in the future. Build relationships and remain professional. If suitable be helpful, respectful and honest. It will stand you in good stead for future opportunities.

Do your research

What has happened since you worked there? Look at their website. Have they appeared in any news stories? Check out their social media and alumni groups. Also, consider market knowledge. You should be clued up on what has happened in the sector. This will ensure that you are totally up to date if you are invited for an interview.


Do you know anyone who currently works at the company who could mention your name to HR or someone who is hiring? They could put a good word in for you and perhaps organise an introduction.

Update your online presence

Ensure that your online profiles have been updated and demonstrate clearly what you have done since you worked at the company. Once they hear you are interested in working for them again they will go straight to your LinkedIn profile.


This is an excellent time to do some self-analysis and consider what roles you are suited to. What skills do you bring to the table and what do you enjoy? This will help you to become crystal clear on your goals.

What do you bring?

To convince someone to rehire you, you will need to tell them what you bring to the table. If you can demonstrate this (particularly the skills and experience that you have gained since you left) this will work in your favour.

Are there any jobs?

Is the company currently advertising positions? Are they of interest? Can you make their job easier by indicating that you are interested in one of the positions they are currently recruiting for? This is particularly helpful if they have quite a few roles to fill.

Is it right for you?

It is worth taking some time to reflect and ask yourself if you really want to work for this company again. Why did you leave? Look at Glassdoor and other similar websites to check out the company culture. Do you have ex-colleagues there you could talk to? Make sure you are making the right move.

Be humble/honest

If your answer to the above is yes, be humble and honest when discussing your reasons for leaving and at the same time confident in where you can add value. Are there client relationships you could reactivate for example.


There are various reasons why hiring a boomerang employee could appeal to an employer, trust, knowledge of the company culture and familiarity with the systems and customer/client base to name but a few.

At the interview, these benefits should be highlighted. You will still need to convince people to hire you but if you interview well, have a good track record and can clearly outline your future intentions this is a great start.

Boomerang employees can be an attractive hire and in some ways less risky and time consuming for those recruiting. If you take into account the advice above you may soon be working for the company of your dreams (if it really is the company of your dreams?).

Charlotte Billington is a professional career coach with a background in recruitment, HR consulting, career guidance and coaching. She has been advising others on their careers for 20 years. You can find Charlotte’s book  ‘What to do next?’ here.

Author Charlotte Billington

Charlotte Billington is a professional career coach with a background in recruitment, HR consulting, career guidance and coaching. She has been advising others on their careers for 20 years.

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