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By February 12, 2018For Talent

Name: ”Slow at Work. How to do Less,

Achieve More and Regain Your Balance

in an Always-on World.”

Author: Aoife McElwain

Publisher: Gill Books

Amazon rating: 5 stars

Twitter: @aoifemcelwain

”Slow at Work. How to do Less Achieve More and Regain Your Balance in an Always-on World” is the debut novel by food writer and creative events planner Aoife McElwain.

McElwain has strayed from her usual food musing to write a stellar career self-help book without any of airy-fairy nonsense that has become synonymous with the genre.

McElwain’s down to earth approach means that this book is something that even the greatest of cynics would be able to stomach quite comfortably. There is no flowery language or tired clichés. It’s simply good advice in an easy to read format.

In 2015, McElwain dealt with her own burnout at work. Tired of feeling frazzled and unproductive she knew that something had to change. Through her own personal epiphany, she decided to figure out a better way of working. This book is the result of that decision.

It’s clear that she has done her research. Every single point, method and train of thought in this book is backed up either by science or an insightful interview. McElwain sought advice from multiple sources when researching this book from psychologists to farmers (there’s even career advice from a nun). These expert voices add to McElwain’s own narrative and give weight to the 10 chapters.

The book is split into two sections; inside and outside. The first half of the book focuses on internal factors that control our success e.g. procrastination and imposter syndrome. While the second half delves into the external factors that can control our working lives e.g. environment and money.

If you’re looking for self-help without the bullshit then this is the book for you.

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