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It’s important to work for a company whose mission you align with, whose values you connect with and whose product you believe in. Failing that, find a company with amazing perks to distract you from the relentlessness of your corporate existence.


Jobbio – Dog friendly office

At Jobbio, we pride ourselves on our perks and benefits but we have one that really has the (bow) wow factor! Our office is always open to a colleague of the canine variety. Studies show that dogs can have a soothing effect on stressed employees and improve morale and wellbeing around the office.

It helps when they’re as handsome and happy as Mojo. Look at that little face!

Uberflip – Wellness programmes

To encourage health and wellbeing among the team, Uberflip give its employees $250 per year to spend on anything wellness related. Julie Whish, Culture Specialist or Happiness Officer at the company, says its a way for the team to pick a programme that works for them. “They can purchase a bike, sign up for yoga classes, buy new hockey gear, get a personal trainer, whatever they want! It’s just an extra offering to keep people active and get them thinking about wellness,” she said.

Hootsuite – Compassionate leave

In December last year, Hootsuite CEO, Ryan Holmes, announced in a LinkedIn post that his company would be offering employees 20 days paid leave to grieve or care for an ailing loved one. Following the example of Facebook and Microsoft, the Hootsuite CEO said that employees cannot be expected to bounce back in the wake of personal tragedy and that employers need to open up the discussion about loss and grief in the workplace.

Riot Games – Adventure games

Riot Games is a company renowned for their amazing work perks, so when it came to picking just one for this list it was pretty tricky. How could we choose between free gym membership, subsidised food and top of the line equipment? We couldn’t. So instead we chose the team building games which include zip lining and trampoline dodgeball. Sign us up!

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