6 Dreadful Snowday Jokes To Inflict on Your Coworkers

By March 1, 2018For Talent

The Beast from the East has landed! Batten down the hatches, stock up on as much unnecessary food as your frozen hands can carry, and for the love of all that’s snowy don’t forget your charger at work.

Need a distraction from the cold and cabin fever? Enjoy these woeful snow related jokes.

1. Why do so many people enjoy remote working?

Because there’s snowplace like home.


2. What do you call the champion of the Snowday grocery shop?

The breadwinner.

3. Why were the team sweating even though the office was cold?

They were worried about global warming.


4. Why did Jane get fired?

Her work rate was glacial.


5. Why did John get fired?

Because he was too flaky.


6. Why did Joe and Joan both get fired?

Their performance was below par and they failed to consistently reach their KPIs and contractual obligations.


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